Want to Know More about Lawn Fertilization?

Fertilization as an Essential Part of Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn is important for many reasons. If you are a business owner, a nice green lawn in front of your building will leave a good impression on everyone passing by or coming in your office. So, in order to keep that lawn of yours looking good, you need to make sure it’s mowed, watered, and fertilized. For that reason, you need to consider booking a professional commercial lawn maintenance service. Below, we have listed some information about fertilization and why you should hire a professional.

Reasons to fertilize your landscape. Adding a proper fertilizer will make the grass surrounding your building keep its green color and amazing look all-year-round. Nitrogen is one of the most important ingredients contained in your soil. When it runs out of this element, you need to supply it with some products. That’s why you need to hire a professional who will be able to tell when that’s needed and do the application of the product the right way.

Understanding different products. As you can imagine, there are so many types of fertilizers available on the marker, both organic and artificial. By hiring a landscaping contractor, you will make your life easier because they will know which products will be suitable.

How often should your lawn be fertilized? A dependable commercial landscaping contractor will make a personalized plan for your lawn. It will need ”feeding” in early and late spring, as well as during the summer and fall.

Preparing the land for fertilizing. A skilled commercial lawn maintenance specialist will know how to prepare your land for this essential process. Doing some soil tests beforehand is the key to a successful job. The professionals will also take into account other factors, like the size of your lawn and the type of your grass.

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Types of Water-Efficient Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Factors to Consider When Browsing for an Irrigation System

Watering is one of the most important parts of a proper lawn maintenance plan. However, depending on the climate and type of grass, different watering techniques are required for different lawns. This means that manual watering is not always the best option. Additionally, if you’re concerned about water consumption in your household, then you should definitely avoid manual watering. Obviously, the alternative is to install an irrigation system. Here is a short guide on how to choose the perfect sprinkler system for your lawn.

Soaker hoses

Most gardeners are familiar with this type of irrigation system. This is because soaker hose systems are the most popular irrigation systems for residential homes. The main advantage of this system is that it is very easy to install. Basically, all you have to do is lay down a special hose throughout your entire harden. The hose has small holes in it which makes water drip. You can avoid wasting water in areas where you don’t need by attaching a solid hose over the soaker ones.

Drip systems

These are the most water-efficient irrigation systems available. They are ideal for yards and gardens that have clay soils because the water is applied slowly and the soil has enough time to absorb it before it evaporates. There are many different types of drip systems, including soakers, bubblers, drippers, and micro-sprays. Each of these systems is designed for specific plants and types of soils. So, before you can decide which one is better for your yard, you first need to determine your lawn’s watering needs.

Rotor systems

They are very similar with spray heads, with the only difference that they apply water slower. This is a very big advantage, especially for thick lawns with clay soil. The only problem is that rotor systems are harder to install.

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How to Achieve a Balanced and Harmonious Landscape Design

Green grass with a path crossing it.A good landscape design in Columbia SC, as well as everywhere else, is created with balance and harmony in mind – two factors without which a beautiful garden is impossible. Every plant has its special place in the overall plan and each leaf of grass, flower, shrub or tree is a piece of a delightful mosaic.

Learn More About the Harmonious Landscape Design Now

  • What does it take to achieve balance and harmony?You have to consider the size of the garden and the individual plants (when you are creating your Columbia SC landscape design)The size of the garden has to correspond to the size of the property. It should also be large enough to support the plants so that they develop properly. The size of the garden depends on the wishes and demands of the owner, as well. It has to be manageable and relatively easy to maintain. Some may want to invest less effort in a garden, others may take pleasure in taking care of it so that it grows healthy and beautiful. The size will vary depending on what type of gardener you are.


  • You have to select the right colors.It is best to have as many colors in the garden as possible. This is so because different colors evoke different feelings in people. By having a wide spectrum of colors in a landscape, we can achieve a picture that awakens a variety of positive emotions in people who are seeking for peace, tranquility and enjoyment in a garden. You can place and arrange the flowers in such a way that the colors will look more vibrant.
  • You have to choose the shape of the garden (and the individual plants). The shape of the garden should be designed so that the observer of the garden will experience its depth and flow, which are related to dimension and balance. There should be plants of various shapes, so that the view will not be boring.
  • You should make sure there is variety in your garden. Variety is the spice of life and of any interesting garden. The more diverse plants you choose for your garden, the better. The different colors, sizes, shapes and textures will ensure that your garden looks good all year round.
  • Ensure that the plants are properly placed in the garden. A good designer knows where each plant’s place is in the whole composition.
  • Ensure that the plants in your garden contrast each other. Contrasting plants will accentuate one another. Contrast can also be achieved by creating different “hard” garden features (fountains, ponds, stones, rocks, arbors, etc.)
  • Create focal points. These are objects or plants that are purposefully placed in the landscape design in order to create a special effect. Whether that important element is a water feature, a tree, or a rock, does not matter, the main thing is for it to capture the eye. The more the focal points in a garden, the more fascinated you will be with its look.

In order to achieve optimal results, a garden should be created by a professional landscape designer such as Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping. We are willing and able to help you make your garden dreams come true.

Why We Need Irrigation Systems and How They Should Be Maintained

Irrigation systems play and important role in the maintenance of your Columbia SC lawn or garden. If you want to have an appealing landscape, it should be watered the right way. This function can be best performed by a sprinkler system. Such a system ensures that the entire lawn or garden receives the same amount of water. It also frees you from the need to do the watering manually, thus saving you time and effort.

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With the help of a sprinkler system, you can have your lawn or garden watered, even if you are not there to supervise the process. The system is programmed to turn on and off automatically at certain periods of time. Your presence is not necessary at all for the watering of your grass, plants and trees. The modern irrigation systems can “cope” with the task all by themselves. Another quality that these little machines have is their ability to release the right amount of water at the right places. No fresh water is wasted on the pavement; it all goes where it is intended to – in the grass and the plants.
To be able to get the most benefit out of your sprinkler system, it has to be designed and installed by the best in the trade. Not all companies are able to do this job correctly. You have to find a reliable and respected landscape company to provide you with quality equipment and services. The significance of the high quality of the materials used in the sprinkler system cannot be overemphasized. The higher it is, the better your system will work, and you will be able to save a lot of money on costly sprinkler system repair. For the proper functioning of the system regular professional maintenance is also needed.

What does sprinkler system maintenance include? Continue reading

Landscape Design

Although a successful landscape design can be attain buy do-it-yourselfers, there are few pitfall and common mistakes that can be found in pretty much every DIY landscaping project. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional and have the peace of mind that maximum satisfaction will be achieved. However, below you can find a list with the top 6 common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

1. Step by step Planting: Failure to Have a Plan

Many home made landscape designs evolve chaotically. A plant is planted somewhere in the garden simply because there is room at that spot at the time. It’s best to start from scratch, draw a detailed plan for the whole yard, and try to stick to it.

Lawn design2. Maintaining a Lawn Just Because “Everyone Else Does It”

Many property owners make the mistake of assuming that having a grassy area or in other words a lawn is somehow an obligatory part of their Columbia SC landscape design. For those who are not attracted to that rather boring “green carpet” look or who are not particularly excited about having to mow grass every few days, it’s important to know that other appealing options exist, especially for small yards. Whose yard is it, anyhow? Continue reading

Experienced landscaper for professional landscape desing

A well-designed backyard or front lawn not only adds aesthetic appeal to the structure it surrounds, but also creates a power- and space-efficient environment. If you want professional and quick results hire a landscaper like Ron`s All In 1 Landscaping.  We serve Columbia, SC and the surrounding area.

Landscape design in gardenRon`s All In 1 Landscaping is a experienced leader for landscape design and irrigation systems. Our landscaping company has been operating for more than 20 years now. Ron`s All In 1 Landscaping is all about giving the best for our customers.

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Landscaping Service Columbia SC

Getting the “Curb Appeal” your Property Deserves

If you are like most home owners, then no doubt you have at least considered tinkering with your landscape design at some point. And, according to companies like Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping, people in Columbia, SC often try to fix up their property’s yard themselves. Let’s be honest, no matter how many good intentions and ideas you have floating around upstairs in the old noggin, a good landscaping service can turn them into reality. This seems like a much better option than you sweating under the sun’s heat all day. When it comes to your landscape, its best to trust a professional landscaping company, one that will make your yard look its best.

Landscape desing and drivewayThe “curb appeal” that homeowners’ desire, and commercial properties depend on, sometimes loses what appeal it had to begin with when people start tinkering around with their yard’s surroundings. For those who could use a little friendly landscape design and landscaping assistance should consider recruiting some help. One great company to consider, if you’re living in the Columbia, SC area, is Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping. Continue reading

Landscape design

Landscape Design is Vital for Sprucing Up Your Front Yard

Wouldn’t you like to come back home after a hectic day at work, walk a few steps in your own backyard to find an oasis of peace waiting for you? This is not just a dream, but can be easily converted into a reality with the help of landscape design services offered by Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping in Columbia SC. Aside from having a relaxing space, there are many more benefits of creating your very own well designed home landscape. Besides from being pleasing to your eyes, it should also be practical and useful. A good landscape design will not only enhance the appearance of your house, but of your neighborhood as well. It will also result in the increase in the value of your home.

Imagine strolling to the soothing sounds of a fountain or a small waterfall, or wandering endlessly through stone pathways. You can spend your free time reading a book or talking to your friends over a quiet meal surrounded by luxurious and beautiful seasonal flora. This is the way life is to be lived -in a garden! In order to turn your yard into Pussy and puppy in landscape designthe dream garden you can enjoy all summer long you only need to contact Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping and book an appointment with us. With just one phone call to a good landscape design company, you can bring all these pleasures to your life. We have years of hands on experience in this field and can design a beautiful layout for you with amenities according to your budget. Continue reading

Five star landscaping service

From garden services including selection of vegetation and arrangement of flowers to landscaping services including irrigation and lightening, Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping carries the services you need. Standing as one of the leading landscaping services provider in Columbia SC with over 20 years of experience, there is no reason to doubt our capabilities and competencies.

There is a few thing you should know when it comes to choosing a company to care for your property. Professionalism, vast experience and a quality finished product are just a few of them. At Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping landscaping services and lawn carewe have experience and all of our landscapers are real star in creating landscape design and getting them done. Our landscape service is geared towards customer satisfaction, and the quality of work we provide to the residents of Columbia SC is well known. Continue reading

Reliable Landscaper


To hire a professional landscapers like Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping isn’t that costly. The benefits easily justify every penny you spend. Here are some of the many benefits of hiring professional landscapers that we think you should read.

One major of hiring a professional landscaper in Columbia SC is that you gain access to their high level of expertise and experience. Professional landscapers are well trained and certified to undertake landscaping projects from the smallest details to the most important aspects. This masterful grasp of landscaping enables professional landscapers to identify which particular types of plants and vegetation should be featured in which environments or what colors best complement a particular setting. Continue reading