Backyard Fire Pit For Completed Landscape Design

If you have big backyard and don’t really know how make it look cozy and stylish you can contact professional landscaper like these in Ron`s All In 1 Landscaping or contractor to help you or to read our tips how to make your own backyard fire pit.

There is a few things you should know before start:

First choose a spot away from your home and trees. Be careful when digging holes, we know you don’t want problems with pipelines and other installation. You will need:

  • cast concrete wall stones
  • cap stones
  • sand
  • shovel
  • tape measure
  • level
  • tamper
  • steel rake

Let’s start:
Landscape design with firepit1.    For perfect landscape design we recommend you circle fire pit. Diameter should be about 36 to 44 inches. Lay out your pavers a circle in the approximate size and shape of your fire pit.
2.    Dig a 12 inches deep hole I the fire pit.
3.    Pour the sand you have in the hole and then tamp the sand level
4.    Wall stones should be above the sand and around the perimeter of the hole. In the end stones must be 12 inches above the backyard ground.
5.     Pour a layer of sand into the ring of stones so that it covers the first layer, approximately 4 inches deep.

Now you are one step closer to the perfect landscape design. We recommend you to get glass of wine and try you new cozy detail. Have a great time around your new fire pit.

Irrigation repair tips

No matter who made your irrigation installation in some point they need repair. Some of the under ground pipelines may get cracked or the pipeniples to get too much dirt. Other problem may be hard water – calcium may clog emitters. Professional landscaper will find where is the problem easily. Ron`s All In 1 Landscaping has been in landscaping and irrigation business since 20 years. Through years we learn how to install, maintenance and repair all kind of irrigation systems. For perfect results you should contact professional landscaper but also you can try to fix it alone.

Here you can find irrigation repair tips how to do it yourself:

tips for irrigation repair1. First step is to find where is the leaky spot – sometimes this might require a little bit of digging. In most situation,where the water is coming out of the ground is the source of the leak. Once you have find the leak you should turn off the water.

2. Find and buy the correct diameter repair pipe and couplers. PVC pipe often has information about size and test-strength printed up and down the sides. Continue reading

Landscaping Design

How To Make Own Landscape Design

When you want to make a landscape design, there is a things you have to know before the beginning:

  • First of all be careful to not get injured
  • If you can, call professional landscaper
  • Keep things simple, but not simpler

You have to begin with accurately measure a landscape. The best way is to begin with back and front yard. Take the right measure from every corner and lines of house right to the property lines. Don’t forget to include all of sidewalks, decks, driveways and any other permanent elements on the property. If there are trees, shrubs or anything else you want to keep,measure and place them accurately on your landscape planning template too.

landscape designYou should get attention about underground cables, pipes of septic field lines. If you really don’t want to have such problems contact best landscapers and designers to get your project done.

To choose right plants and bush is not easy. They should make your garden to look nice and stylish but not to be too kitschy. Best way to make your landscape design is to read what plants and flowers can survive in your state. Not every can grow and look good good both in Alaska and Texas.

Other important step in landscape design is lighting. They bring kind a mood and make your garden alive. In the late evening hours you can sit in your pavilion with glass of wine and relax after long day. If you want permanent lighting, it should be installed with the rest of your landscaping. Candles secured in hurricanes or pots create wonderful intimate environment especially for dining or dating. Candle’s twinkle lights give soft lighting to conversation areas. Hang them on a tree, shrub, arbor or even a fence.

Whether you already know exactly how you want your backyard to look or you just want something different the best way to perfect result is to hire professional landscaper. Other way is to do it alone. Be creative.