How to Achieve a Balanced and Harmonious Landscape Design

Green grass with a path crossing it.A good landscape design in Columbia SC, as well as everywhere else, is created with balance and harmony in mind – two factors without which a beautiful garden is impossible. Every plant has its special place in the overall plan and each leaf of grass, flower, shrub or tree is a piece of a delightful mosaic.

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  • What does it take to achieve balance and harmony?You have to consider the size of the garden and the individual plants (when you are creating your Columbia SC landscape design)The size of the garden has to correspond to the size of the property. It should also be large enough to support the plants so that they develop properly. The size of the garden depends on the wishes and demands of the owner, as well. It has to be manageable and relatively easy to maintain. Some may want to invest less effort in a garden, others may take pleasure in taking care of it so that it grows healthy and beautiful. The size will vary depending on what type of gardener you are.


  • You have to select the right colors.It is best to have as many colors in the garden as possible. This is so because different colors evoke different feelings in people. By having a wide spectrum of colors in a landscape, we can achieve a picture that awakens a variety of positive emotions in people who are seeking for peace, tranquility and enjoyment in a garden. You can place and arrange the flowers in such a way that the colors will look more vibrant.
  • You have to choose the shape of the garden (and the individual plants). The shape of the garden should be designed so that the observer of the garden will experience its depth and flow, which are related to dimension and balance. There should be plants of various shapes, so that the view will not be boring.
  • You should make sure there is variety in your garden. Variety is the spice of life and of any interesting garden. The more diverse plants you choose for your garden, the better. The different colors, sizes, shapes and textures will ensure that your garden looks good all year round.
  • Ensure that the plants are properly placed in the garden. A good designer knows where each plant’s place is in the whole composition.
  • Ensure that the plants in your garden contrast each other. Contrasting plants will accentuate one another. Contrast can also be achieved by creating different “hard” garden features (fountains, ponds, stones, rocks, arbors, etc.)
  • Create focal points. These are objects or plants that are purposefully placed in the landscape design in order to create a special effect. Whether that important element is a water feature, a tree, or a rock, does not matter, the main thing is for it to capture the eye. The more the focal points in a garden, the more fascinated you will be with its look.

In order to achieve optimal results, a garden should be created by a professional landscape designer such as Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping. We are willing and able to help you make your garden dreams come true.