Irrigation repair tips

No matter who made your irrigation installation in some point they need repair. Some of the under ground pipelines may get cracked or the pipeniples to get too much dirt. Other problem may be hard water – calcium may clog emitters. Professional landscaper will find where is the problem easily. Ron`s All In 1 Landscaping has been in landscaping and irrigation business since 20 years. Through years we learn how to install, maintenance and repair all kind of irrigation systems. For perfect results you should contact professional landscaper but also you can try to fix it alone.

Here you can find irrigation repair tips how to do it yourself:

tips for irrigation repair1. First step is to find where is the leaky spot – sometimes this might require a little bit of digging. In most situation,where the water is coming out of the ground is the source of the leak. Once you have find the leak you should turn off the water.

2. Find and buy the correct diameter repair pipe and couplers. PVC pipe often has information about size and test-strength printed up and down the sides.

3.Than you should dig little work space around and under the break. Clean out as much  dirt and mud as possible. Find the exact problem spot and cut 4 to 6 inches on each side of the break, be sure to wipe both ends clean of any mud (inside and outside). Carefully remove the broken pipe but save for future subsequent steps.

4.Cut a piece of repair pipe to fit the length of the cut you made in the sprinkler line, minus approximately 1/2″ or more for each straight coupler used. If you don’t have a tape measure, lay a piece of pipe down into the trench and measure it by eye, marking with a pen or pencil for your cut.

5.Fit the cut piece into the couplers dry, to get sure that they fit and that the resulting pipe is not bowed. irrigation service tipsDisassemble and if it’s needful make adjustments, until the resulting fit is perfect.

6.Apply glue to one end of the replacement piece and inside one of the straight couplers. Twist pipe hard into coupler until you feel it stop. Wait few minute for glue to dry.
After all og the repair watch the area of your repair a few minutes before you cover your hole back up.

And at the end let Ron`s All In 1 Landscapin to tell you:
no one can repair the irrigation better than professional landscaper, but if you will do it alone -always wear  gloves.

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Great tips, hope to help me if my irrigation installation get broke.

Great tips! I use them to repair my irrigation services. Of course I get all in dirt and the result wasn't perfect but I do it all alone. Thanks!

Rate this article with 5 star! Save money from repair and I`m proud of my self. Feel like professional landscaper.

These tips are really good. I have an irrigation installation in my garden.No if something get broke, I can rpair it by my self.