Landscape Design

Although a successful landscape design can be attain buy do-it-yourselfers, there are few pitfall and common mistakes that can be found in pretty much every DIY landscaping project. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional and have the peace of mind that maximum satisfaction will be achieved. However, below you can find a list with the top 6 common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

1. Step by step Planting: Failure to Have a Plan

Many home made landscape designs evolve chaotically. A plant is planted somewhere in the garden simply because there is room at that spot at the time. It’s best to start from scratch, draw a detailed plan for the whole yard, and try to stick to it.

Lawn design2. Maintaining a Lawn Just Because “Everyone Else Does It”

Many property owners make the mistake of assuming that having a grassy area or in other words a lawn is somehow an obligatory part of their Columbia SC landscape design. For those who are not attracted to that rather boring “green carpet” look or who are not particularly excited about having to mow grass every few days, it’s important to know that other appealing options exist, especially for small yards. Whose yard is it, anyhow?

3. Insufficient Fall Color in Your Yard

Summer and spring receive most of our attention and efforts when it comes to planting. Many homeowners forget to plant for fall. Yet the fall season provides great benefits and joy for those landscaping enthusiasts willing to plan for it. Don’t allow your landscape design to miss out on the rich colors offered by autumn’s bounty!

Irrigation Systems in gardden4. Failure to Irrigate

Many people face a dilemma: they enjoy having plants in their yards, but also like to travel during the summer. So how do the plants and your lawn get watered while you’re gone? Sometimes you can ask a friend or relative to come to the rescue. It is best to install an automatic irrigation system, and you are ready to pack the suitcases.

5. Planting on a Hillside Prone to Erosion

Do you have a steep hillside in your Columbia SC yard? Is it difficult to retain your topsoil where it belongs during a heavy rainfall? Have you tried growing your favorite plants there only to find out that it is virtually impossible? The problem is that you failed to fix your erosion issue prior to planting. Before you start planting you should build a retaining wall.

6. You Never Get Some Work Done in the Yard Because Your Tools Are Never Handy

The surest way to get something done in the yard is to realize you need a gardening tool — only to find that actually you can’t find it! If you don’t have convenient storage or enough space, chances are all your tools will all be jammed into one small area (maybe a corner of the garage), making it tough to keep the tools organized and the area accessible. What you need is a storage shed.

If you want to achieve a truly professional result with your landscape design you should consult the experts at Ron’s All In 1 Landscaping of Columbia SC. They will make sure you will get the beautiful and appealing garden you always wanted.