Why We Need Irrigation Systems and How They Should Be Maintained

Irrigation systems play and important role in the maintenance of your Columbia SC lawn or garden. If you want to have an appealing landscape, it should be watered the right way. This function can be best performed by a sprinkler system. Such a system ensures that the entire lawn or garden receives the same amount of water. It also frees you from the need to do the watering manually, thus saving you time and effort.

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With the help of a sprinkler system, you can have your lawn or garden watered, even if you are not there to supervise the process. The system is programmed to turn on and off automatically at certain periods of time. Your presence is not necessary at all for the watering of your grass, plants and trees. The modern irrigation systems can “cope” with the task all by themselves. Another quality that these little machines have is their ability to release the right amount of water at the right places. No fresh water is wasted on the pavement; it all goes where it is intended to – in the grass and the plants.
To be able to get the most benefit out of your sprinkler system, it has to be designed and installed by the best in the trade. Not all companies are able to do this job correctly. You have to find a reliable and respected landscape company to provide you with quality equipment and services. The significance of the high quality of the materials used in the sprinkler system cannot be overemphasized. The higher it is, the better your system will work, and you will be able to save a lot of money on costly sprinkler system repair. For the proper functioning of the system regular professional maintenance is also needed.

What does sprinkler system maintenance include?

1. Monthly inspections for problems such as leaks, broken or clogged sprinkler heads and others. Cleaning of clogged screens and micro-irrigation filters. Leaks lead to the waste of a lot of precious water and uneven distribution of the water. A good Columbia SC irrigation systems contractor will ensure that every possible measure is taken to prevent and eliminate leaks.
2. Adjustment of the sprinkler heads. The obstructions that stop the sprinkler from distributing water evenly are removed. The sprinkler head positions and spray patterns are adjusted so as not to water the pavement and the surrounding buildings. As was already mentioned, a lot of fresh water is saved in this way, which results in both savings on water bills and protecting the environment.
3. Checking of the pressure. Since the pressure tends to change over time, it needs to be checked regularly so that the system functions correctly.
4. Installation of a rain shutoff switch. This is an inexpensive device that can help conserve water by turning off your system when it rains.
5. Winterization of the irrigation system in cold weather. The water is flushed out of the system, so that it does not freeze and crack pipes, valves and sprinklers.
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